Latest statements on Russia and Ukraine attack

  • 2022-02-26 18:52:45

Russia has captured the city of Melitopol on the third day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. On Saturday, there were explosions in all important cities of Ukraine, including the capital Kiev. Russian troops have entered the capital, Kiev, and a one-on-one battle with Ukrainian troops has begun. Meanwhile, Ukraine has claimed to have shot down 3,500 Russian soldiers, 02 tanks, 14 aircraft and 8 helicopters.

Biden's warning - will protect every inch of land

US President Joe Biden has assured his allies at the NATO summit that he will defend every inch of NATO's land. Biden said that to support our NATO allies and increase military capability in Europe, we have ordered the deployment of additional troops.

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NATO's answer - the attack is not limited to Ukraine only

NATO head Jens Stoltenberg says that Russia's attack is not limited to Ukraine, so we are deploying our forces on land, at sea and in the air. NATO has activated its response force for the first time in history since its formation in 1949.

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Ukraine said - ready to discuss ceasefire

Ukraine's President Zelensky said that we are ready to discuss the ceasefire with Russia. Diplomats of both the countries are deciding the place and issues of talks. However, he has also expressed fears that the Ukrainian capital Kiev will be attacked tonight and that night will also decide the future of Ukraine.

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