Which country is No. 1 in military power

  • 2022-02-26 13:39:15

Powerful Russia has attacked Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) and it is believed that in the next few hours it will capture the whole of Ukraine. America and Western countries were also expected to participate in this fight, but they raised their hands at the last moment. Had America been a part of this war, the picture could have been completely different. In such a situation, it is important to know whether Russia would have been able to face America? Which of the two forces is more powerful?

  • India left Britain behind
  • Pakistan ranked 9th in the ranking
  • China has the third powerful army

America is number one

According to the report of 'Daily Star', Russia has the second most powerful military in the world. Whereas America is number one in this matter. The report quoted data released by Global Firepower that America's military is the most powerful in the world. Actually, Global Firepower has prepared a list, in which countries are ranked on the basis of their military power.

Ranking based on 50 factors

To prepare this ranking, 50 factors were taken into account. America ranks first in this power index with a score of 0.0453. One reason for this is America's $700 billion defense budget. Russia is at number two, whose score is kept at 0.0501. Russia has about 900,000 soldiers. Talking about China, it is at number three in this list. The number of his soldiers is around 2 million.

Ukraine not even in top-20

Britain's number comes after India and France in the list. Britain is placed at number 8. Brazil has got a place in the top 10, but Ukraine facing Russia is not even in the top-20. In such a situation, it can be understood that how much he needs the cooperation of America and NATO. Ukraine is at number 22. It has been told by Global Firepower that this list has been prepared keeping in mind many things. The country whose index score is low, its army is more powerful. The most perfect index score is 0.0000.

Top-10 Countries

1. America - 0.0453

2. Russia - 0.0501

3. China - 0.0511

4. India - 0.0979

5. Japan - 0.1195

6. South Korea - 0.1195

7. France - 0.1283

8. UK - 0.1382

9. Pakistan - 0.1572

10. Brazil - 0.1695

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