UPSC Interview Questions

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The Union Public Service Commission commonly abbreviated as UPSC, is India's premier central recruiting agency for Group 'A' officers of Government of India under union government civil services, union government defence services, union government engineering services, union government health science services, union government natural resources services, union government architecture services, union government functionality services and union government law services . It is responsible for appointments to and examinations for Group A posts of the union government under different professions. While Department of Personnel and Training is the central personnel agency in India.


Commission overview


1 October 1926
(95 years ago)

Preceding agencies

      Federal Public Service Commission

      Public Service Commission


Republic of India


Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi

Minister responsible

     Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Commission executive

           Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Kumar Joshi, (Chairman)

Parent department

Government of India

Child Commission

     Public Service Commissions in India



Many candidates prepare for the UPSC exam for years. Despite this, it is not easy to clear all the three stages of the exam in the very first attempt. If you want to give IAS level interview then your preparation should also be of the same level (IAS Interview). Keep this in your mind at all times that the experts sitting in the interview panel can ask any type of question to test your reasoning ability (UPSC Interview). It is often seen in UPSC interviews where the interviewer's question is easy but the candidates make mistakes in answering. Here are some similar questions that can be asked in UPSC interview. From which you can get an idea about what kind of questions can be asked in the interview.

Question 1. What is the form of a woman that everyone sees but her husband can never see?

Answer: Widow's form.

Question 2. What would you do if you found your sister naked in bed one day?

Answer- I will cover my younger sister with a towel as a small child gets easily affected by cold. Here you should not lose your temper because a good candidate always maintains patience and gives the best answers to the questions raised before him.

Question 3. If 2 is company and 3 is crowd, then what will be the next 4 and 5?

Answer – 4 and 5 is always 9.

Question 4. A murderer was given death sentence. He was shown 3 rooms. Room number 1 is on fire, second has a rifle death plan and third has a lion, who had not eaten for 3 years. What should he choose?

Answer- Room No. 3. Because the lion, who had been hungry for three years, would have died by now.

Question 5. What does half an apple look like?

Answer- Like the other half of an apple.

Question 6. If you have three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other, what will you have?

Answer: Very big hands.

Question 7. What happens if someone throws a red stone into the blue sea?

 Answer: The stone will get wet and will sink.

Question.8 How can a man survive for eight days without sleeping?

Answer- By sleeping at night.

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