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Shaktimaan will be India's first superhero television series, airing on Doordarshan. The show aired on DD National from September 13, 1997, until March 27, 2005. Due to high public demand, the show will be re-aired on Doordarshan beginning April 1, 2020, during the coronavirus shutdown.

Bheeshm International produced Shaktimaan, which was directed by Mukesh Khanna and Dinker Jani. Mukesh Khanna, Kitu Gidwani, Vaishnavi Mahant, Surendra Pal, Tom Alter, and Lalit Parimoo play pivotal roles in this online serial.

Power of Shaktimaan:

Shaktimaan possesses superhuman abilities that reside inside his seven Kundalini chakras, which he obtained via meditation. Shaktimaan prays to God with the sign Om. His credo is "honesty." He has the ability to split his body into five other bodies: fire, wind, water, earth, and sky. He is a talented, clever fighter who has faced down super-skilled opponents. He has physical abilities such as unrestricted speed (up to the speed of light), strength, and endurance, as well as mental abilities such as telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis. Despite his godlike abilities, his lone flaw is Tamraj Kilvish's possession of a crystal (Papmani), which may be utilised to beat and even kill him. This renders him helpless since it contains all of the world's evil and is the source of the dark forces. However, once the crystal is taken away from him, he regains his strength. If the crystal is placed in front of him and he is handled harshly to the point of death, he can be killed.

Shaktimaan's abilities are nearly infinite. He is capable of achieving almost any goal he sets his mind to. His powers are only limited by his own conviction in himself and his understanding of how to use them. His chakras are the source of his abilities.

Shaktimaan Starting Date and Timings:

Show name




Original release

13 September 1997 – 27 March 2005

On Public Demand release

1 April 2020

Old Telecast Time

Monday to Friday

New Telecast Time

Everyday   8:00 PM



Running Time

30 Minutes

No of episodes            



Action Superhero


 Shaktimaan Star Cast               

  • Mukesh Khanna
  • Kitu Gidwani
  • Vaishnavi Mahant
  • Surendra Pal
  • Tom Alter
  • Lalit Parimoo


1st Episode of Shaktimaan:

When evil ruled the earth, the Suryanshis picked an ordinary man to be their fighter. He obtained abilities from the five natural components of life, fire, earth, water, wind, and sky, when they rejuvenated his body. Shaktimaan was his final transformation. Shri Satya, who founded the Suryanshi Sect after the Mahabharata battle 7,500 years ago, was reborn as Shaktimaan. He inherited his abilities from seven spiritual gurus who bestowed upon him magical yogic shakti and taught him ancient battle techniques. Shaktimaan was taught how to activate the 7 chakras of the body through Kundalini Yoga throughout his training, which allowed him gain mystical and supernatural abilities.He also performed a death ritual in order to get complete control of his abilities. Instead of killing him, this procedure rendered him nearly immortal and stronger than any human. Suryanshis conducted a Yagya (Yajna) at the end, in which he entered holy fire and plunged his powers.


Last Episode of Shaktimaan:

I recall the last episode that aired on Door Darshan, though the facts are a little hazy in my memory. Dr. Jackal assaulted a man-made jail near the sun in this episode, with the aid of 'Kitanuman,' whom he had cloned in an earlier episode using his cloning machine and the virus and germs from Pandora's box that Shaktimaan had managed to dissipate into outer space. The jail was revealed to have three very dangerous convicts who had been held hostage since antiquity. The show came to a close with a description of the three inmates.

Upcoming Movie:

Sony is releasing a fresh new Shaktimaan film, and they've released an excellent new teaser. Fans are going crazy over the peek of the hero, which Sony Pictures Films India shared on social media. Sony clearly believes that building heroes all around the world is critical. (For further information, see Spider-Man: No Way Home.) Shaktimaan, on the other hand, will be remembered by 90s youngsters and will do well with a new outfit and tale. According to Sony, this project will be the first of a trilogy that will please people all around the world. Brewing Thoughts Private Limited is their partner. Bheeshm International, owned by actor/producer Mukesh Khanna, is also involved in the project. You may see the video for yourself by clicking on the link below!

This description was also featured in the teaser by Sony. "It's time for him to return now that darkness and evil have taken over humanity.' The Shaktimaan sign appears shortly after, and we catch a glimpse of our superhero. While Shaktimaan's face isn't disclosed, the creators do provide a glimpse of the'most beloved and adored superhero.' The 'people's hero's' clothing and physique appear to have developed to match the various action stars on TV."

Official Releasing Date: 10 February 2022

Teaser or First Look

History of Shaktimaan:

Shaktimaan is a Hindi-language superhero television series that ran on DD National from September 13, 1997, until March 27, 2005. Shaktimaan and his alter ego "Pandit Gangadhar Vidhyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastriji," a photojournalist for the newspaper Aaj Ki Aawaz, were portrayed by Mukesh Khanna.

Shaktimaan and his alter ego "Pandit Gangadhar Vidhyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastriji," a photojournalist for the newspaper Aaj Ki Aawaz, were portrayed by Mukesh Khanna. Shaktimaan was portrayed as a person with superhuman abilities gained via meditation and the five elements of nature: space, earth, air, fire, and water. Geeta Vishwas, a reporter who adores Shaktimaan, was played by Kitu Gidwani (later replaced by Vaishnavi Mahant). Tamraj Kilvish was played by Surendra Pal. Shaktimaan: The Animated Series was released in 2011, and a television feature named Hamara Hero Shaktimaan was released in 2013.

Role of Shaktimaan:

Shaktimaan is a person who, by intense meditation and mastery of the five aspects of life, has gained superhuman strength and power. Geeta Vishwas, played by Kitu Gidwani and subsequently Vaishnavi Mahant, is a reporter in the serial who adores Shaktimaan.

Characters in Shaktimaan:

Positive Characters

  • Shaktimaan
  • Gangadhar
  • Geeta Vishwas
  • Sarvagya
  • Vidyut
  • Abhimanyu
  • Pandit Vidyadhar Shastri
  • Arundhati Devi
  • Acharya Survachi
  • Dhvij
  • Sabkar
  • Sheena
  • Paroma - Daughter of Tamraj Kilvish
  • Shirali - Lover of Tamraj Kilvish
  • Professor Gyanesh Vishwas
  • J.J the Mayor
  • Major Ranjit Singh
  • Kaushalya Devi
  • Suryanshi Mahaguru
  • Suryanshi Mrityunjay
  • Mahashay
  • Shishir

Negative Characters

  • Behrupiya
  • Mayadri
  • Khali Bali
  • Duplicate Shaktimaan
  • Prethola
  • Kitanu man
  • Tamraj Kilvish
  • Kapala
  • Kakodar (who takes over J.J)
  • Dr. Jackal
  • Sahab aka Kumar Ranjan
  • Sunanda


  • Swami Ji
  • Rita
  • Naurangi the thief
  • Geeta's Mom
  • Appu - Geeta's brother
  • Geeta's Servant
  • Helen
  • Kunal
  • Hemal
  • Ghosh
  • Sudhanshu
  • Sudhanshu's son

Shaktimaan's Interesting facts:

Shaktimaan was portrayed as a person with superhuman abilities gained via meditation and the five elements of nature: space, earth, air, fire, and water. Mukesh Khanna is well known for his performance in B. R. Chopra's Mahabharat as Bhishma Pitamah. Vicky Kaushal has claimed that Shaktimaan is his favourite superhero. With the rebroadcast, the character has undoubtedly gained more followers, and we now have some intriguing information about the programme. Take a look at these.

  • A comedian inspired Shaktimaan's alter persona.
  • Yes, Jerry Lewis was the inspiration for his alter identity as a photographer. Jerry Lewis gave Mukesh Khanna the inspiration for his buck teeth and floppy hair, according to an old interview.
  • Mukesh longed for extraordinary effects similar to those seen in Superman, but this was not possible owing to technological limitations at the time.
  • Shaktimaan's storey featured a regular guy who used Kundalini Yoga to enhance his body's seven chakras and transform into a superhuman.
  • The show's principal actor was also the show's producer.
  • Mukesh Khanna did, in fact, produce the popular superhero programme.
  • The number of superpowers was exactly the same as the number of villains.
  • Superhuman speed, strength, durability, telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, freeze-ray, shooting fire, summoning an astral body, controlling all light and sound waves, near-omniscience, and near-omnipotence were among his extraordinary talents, which added up to the number of villains in the series.

Shaktimaan Movie First Look:

Sony Pictures International Productions has purchased the film adaptation rights to India's most popular superhero 'Shaktimaan,' with plans to turn it into a superhero trilogy. One of India's biggest stars will perform as the show's main attraction. Apart from its intriguing Hindi feature slate, the film company has been actively ramping up its production in India, spreading its footprints in Malayalam, Telugu, and, most recently, Tamil. The studio has teamed up with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited (co-founded by ex-film journalist Prashant Singh and Madhurya Vinay) and actor-producer Mukesh Khanna's Bheeshm International to begin work on replicating the magic of 'Shaktimaan,' but this time on the big screen. One of the country's best directors will direct the superhero franchise.

This is also the studio's first foray into the Indian superhero market, despite the fact that its parent company, Sony Pictures Entertainment, has already dominated it abroad. The company also intends to enlist the help of its Culver City, Los Angeles headquarters in order to create one of the most unique cinematic experiences ever seen in Indian cinema, utilising cutting-edge filmmaking and post-production technologies.

Shaktimaan is India's most well-known superhero franchise. Its move to resurrect the people's superhero is expected to stoke interest in the Indian superhero market, which has the potential to become a worldwide hit for India.

Shaktimaan Movie Cast:

After going over all of the details on the Shaktimaan Movie Release Date, we'd like to go over the movie cast of this film, which will help you learn more about it. Although the Shaktimaan movie cast is unknown, we can assist you with the Shaktimaan series cast. Only the main characters from the Shaktimaan serial have been included. We'll be the first to let you know when the Shaktimaan movie cast is revealed:

Shaktimaan is played by Mukesh Khanna, Pandit Gangadhar. Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri, Major Ranjeet Singh, Shree Satya, and Omkarnath Shastri Geeta Vishwas is played by Shaktimaan Vaishnavi.

Cast in TV Series

  • Dr. Jaikaal is played by Lalit Parimoo.
  • In the last few episodes, Arun Bakshi portrays Dr. Jaikaal.
  • In the most recent episodes, Amit Mishra plays Dr. Jaikaal.
  • Sahab / Kumar Ranjan is played by Raman Khatri.
  • Kaushalya is played by Manjeet Kullar, while Shaliyaa is played by Dolly Minhas.

Shaktimaan Movie Languages:

Shaktimaan will be released in a variety of languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Kannada, Malayalam, and others. In any of these languages, you may see the Shaktimaan movie.

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